What I love about Rob’s courses is they’re so practical. I’ve seen loads of monetary value come from the course including a gift of £200,000 from a trust that came about because of what we learned.

Paul McKenzie, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Depaul UK

Seven ways to raise funds with major donors, corporates and trusts, even now.

As the stakes are now higher than ever, in this e-book I outline practical steps, with examples, to help you do more of what works.

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The Bright Spot Way

We launched Bright Spot in 2007 because we believe that fundraisers deserve better.

Consistent success in fundraising is never as easy as some people make out. And yet, we’ve found that when you have the right techniques and support, it is achievable.

Using our unique Bright Spot approach, we’ve helped more than 12,000 fundraisers and directors, chief executives and trustees to improve their fundraising skills and confidence.

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