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  • Four Individual Giving Pitfalls this year, (and how to solve them).

    As some sources of income for charities have been badly hit by the effects of COVID19, individual giving income is now more important than ever. But with so much on your plate, what activities are most likely to make a difference to keeping your income from individuals strong (and increasing the chances that it will... MORE

  • Episode 40: Craig Linton – FIVE ideas to boost Individual Giving results

    Bright Spot · 40. Craig Linton – FIVE ideas to boost Individual Giving results Episode Notes As other income streams are decimated by the effects of the pandemic and varying levels of lockdown, income through individual donors is more important than ever for many charities. In this episode, I was delighted to talk to the... MORE

  • Episode 39: Jamal Iqbal – Growing major donor income in Higher Education and beyond

    Bright Spot · 39_Jamal _Part 1_edit 1 Episode Notes Aristotle observed that excellence is less about one-off events and more about habits. If you broadly agree with this idea, then what are the habits that move the needle for improved RESULTS in your field of fundraising? If you work in development in the Higher Education... MORE

  • Episode 38: Ben Swart – Strategic Corporate Partnerships; now more than ever

    Bright Spot · 38_Ben Swart – Strategic Partnerships Episode Notes For many years, the orthodox way to secure a charitable partnership has been to apply through a formal process to the biggest companies. It usually involves several stages, is time-consuming, and only has one winner. Though there are upsides to this model, (especiall MORE

  • How do you improve response rates in Individual Giving?

    I’m excited to share another guest blog this week from Craig Linton (aka The Fundraising Detective). Craig is the author of Donors for Life as well as numerous blogs, and is the Co-trainer on Bright Spot’s Individual Giving Mastery Programme. Why do expert performers like pilots and doctors sometimes make mistakes? And what can anyone MORE

  • Episode 37: Dr Claire Routley – Promoting legacies and silo smashing

    Bright Spot · 37_Claire Routley Episode Notes In early March 2020, I recorded this interview with Dr Claire Routley, an expert in expert legacy fundraising. The subject of our conversation was how do you promote legacy giving across the various teams in a charity. She shares research she carried out on behalf of the National... MORE

  • Episode 36: Mark Williams – Fundraising for a small charity; what to prioritise

    Bright Spot · 36. Mark Williams – Fundraising for a small charity; four things to prioritise Episode Notes Most fundraisers are under pressure to succeed, but in many small charities this pressure can be intense. In this episode we’re looking at ways to overcome some of the challenges of fundraising if you work for a... MORE

  • Episode 35: Andy Watts – Trust fundraising ideas for chaotic times, Part 2.

    Bright Spot · 35_Andy Watts Episode Notes Though some funders keep relationships with charities very formal, many of them really appreciate it when charities go the extra mile to create a deeper relationship. But how do you go about building these relationships, both with existing funders, and indeed, with ones that are not yet supportin MORE

  • Episode 34: Emma Insley – Six ways to improve your impact measurement, especially now

    Bright Spot · 34. Emma Insley – Six ways to improve your impact measurement, especially now Episode Notes Many charities have had to change their strategy or focus since the pandemic began, in order to adapt to the new challenges the world is facing. These changes have many implications for how you measure the difference... MORE

  • How Laura transformed ‘gifts in kind’ into valuable partnerships

    Many charities sometimes receive one off donations or ‘gifts in kind’, but struggle to turn this desire to help into a more sustainable partnership that is valuable to both parties. This is a key challenge for all charities during a normal year, for some charities it has been even more pronounced as so many companies... MORE

  • Episode 33: Paul Davies – Generating major gifts momentum

    Bright Spot · 33_Paul Davies Episode Notes What can you do to build relationships, warm, generous relationships with major donor supporters, even during the pandemic? If you are a high value fundraiser, or you manage one, I hope you will find this episode helpful and encouraging as I talk to someone whose fundraising practice, confidence MORE

  • Episode 32: Andy Watts – The trust fundraising approach that increased income by 349%

    Bright Spot · 32_Andy Watts Episode Notes Charities sometimes treat trusts in a more distant, formal way compared to the way they treat other donors. This is often a missed opportunity, given that every trust is run by people who care and would enjoy a warmer relationship. In this episode I share an interview with... MORE

  • Episode 31: Damian Chapman – Corporate fundraising for a niche cause

    Bright Spot · 31_Damian Chapman Episode Notes What do you do to succeed when your charity is in a very clear niche that is not universally popular? Many charities get demoralised or waste energy trying to appeal to everybody. The best strategy is to embrace the situation and find a way to turn it to... MORE

  • Four ways you benefit from being a learner

    It can be hard to make time for learning and activities that keep you inspired, but here are four ways I’ve found it pays you back generously for what you invest. In twenty years of studying the habits and beliefs of very successful fundraisers, I can tell you that they do not all share the... MORE

  • How Neil reinvigorated relationships with supporters

    From twenty years studying what generates results in fundraising, I’ve found that a key thing that successful high value fundraisers focus on, is having conversations with the right existing and potential supporters. And so this is one key result area we help participants on our Major Gifts Mastery and Corporate Mastery Programmes to ma MORE