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  • How do you improve response rates in Individual Giving?

    I’m excited to share another guest blog this week from Craig Linton (aka The Fundraising Detective). Craig is the author of Donors for Life as well as numerous blogs, and is the Co-trainer on Bright Spot’s Individual Giving Mastery Programme. Why do expert performers like pilots and doctors sometimes make mistakes? And what can anyone MORE

  • How Laura transformed ‘gifts in kind’ into valuable partnerships

    August 17th, 2020

    Many charities sometimes receive one off donations or ‘gifts in kind’, but struggle to turn this desire to help into a more sustainable partnership that is valuable to both parties. This is a key challenge for all charities during a normal year, for some charities it has been even more pronounced as so many companies... MORE

  • Four ways you benefit from being a learner

    July 30th, 2020

    It can be hard to make time for learning and activities that keep you inspired, but here are four ways I’ve found it pays you back generously for what you invest. In twenty years of studying the habits and beliefs of very successful fundraisers, I can tell you that they do not all share the... MORE

  • How Neil reinvigorated relationships with supporters

    July 23rd, 2020

    From twenty years studying what generates results in fundraising, I’ve found that a key thing that successful high value fundraisers focus on, is having conversations with the right existing and potential supporters. And so this is one key result area we help participants on our Major Gifts Mastery and Corporate Mastery Programmes to ma MORE

  • Major Gifts and Corporate Mastery during the Pandemic

    July 13th, 2020

    Are you (or do you work with) a Corporate Partnerships or Major Gifts / Trust fundraiser? Does your charity urgently need to increase income in these areas in the next six months?  We have some exciting news! We are pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for our fundraising Mastery Programmes in both... MORE

  • INSPIRE. Part 2 – What to say to supporters – even now. Three more tactics

    The most successful major donor, corporate and trust fundraisers I’ve been interviewing over the last three months have been putting disproportionate effort into having more real (virtual or phone) conversations with their supporters. But what should you do and say during these calls to make the most likely to succeed? As always, the fi MORE

  • 3 tips for fundraisers to help you look after yourself and others during the Coronavirus crisis

    May 15th, 2020

    I wanted to publish this video and article to help you look after yourself and keep at your best during the pandemic, in spite of all the challenges you’re wrestling with right now.  I’ve got three key ideas that might just help you look after yourself and others.  The first one came out of an... MORE

  • VIRTUAL EVENTS THAT INSPIRE – 6 tips for fundraisers to create virtual events and webinars to connect with your supporters

    May 15th, 2020

    This article is all about how charities or fundraisers can create virtual events to inspire to supporters to help you build closer relationships, and in due course, grow income. Here are my 6 tips for fundraisers to create virtual events and webinars to connect with your supporters. 1. Decide to make it exciting / enticing,... MORE

  • Part 1: Inspire – what to say to supporters, even now

    A key focus that fundraisers in our online training community, the Bright Spot Club, have been getting fabulous results through, is proactively seeking out more conversations with existing supporters. But what should you say during these calls? As always, the first thing to do, when in either a virtual or face to face conversation, is... MORE

  • How recognising donors’ “stretch” led to an increase of 174%

    I wanted to share an interesting tactic to help fundraisers planning stewardship activity during the pandemic – inspired by a pattern I’ve noticed in  conversations with various fundraisers who I train and coach. It came about through one of our regular group coaching calls with people in the Bright Spot Members Club and one fund MORE

  • 6 strategies to grow your digital fundraising income

    Finding a way to make digital fundraising work is more important than ever during this pandemic. Whether we like it or not, with the lockdown and social distancing, we are all using more digital tools to communicate, learn and solve daily problems.  Growing the digital fundraising income for your charity can be an uphill struggle.... MORE

  • Challenge event fundraising in a pandemic

    April 27th, 2020

    Tactics for helping supporters still raise funds even if they’re stuck at home. Clearly with people not able to meet in groups (or potentially even leave their homes) sporting events have had to be cancelled. But how can you help your supporters (when they need your charities’ event more than ever) and help save your... MORE

  • Captain Tom Moore raises over £32 million for NHS Charities – 3 Fundraising Lessons

    Captain Tom Moore is a World War Two veteran. He’s 99 years old. 10 days ago, he set out to raise £1,000 pounds for the NHS by doing 100 laps of his garden with his walking frame before his hundredth birthday. Within 24 hours, as soon as the public got wind of what he was... MORE

  • The gaming partnership to combat fake news – what strategic partnerships would further your mission?

    February 19th, 2020

    Not too long ago the predominant way for a charity to seek support from a company was to apply through an annual process to become Charity of the Year. There are many drawbacks to this approach for both parties. For the company, having to build new relationships and learn new lessons each year to make... MORE

  • Fundraising inspiration: Keep the spark alive when you’re uninspired

    December 2nd, 2019

    Fundraising is a long game which needs consistent application over many years.  But how do you keep the spark alive  and what can you do about your fundraising when you’re uninspired? Caroline Danks from LarkOwl explains in this guest article. Fundraising inspiration – Keeping the spark alive when you’re uninspired Never mind MORE