Bright Spot Members Club Taster Week

I’m sure that like most fundraisers you usually work hard and you’re determined to make a difference.

But I’ve noticed that many people are frustrated that they’re not making as much progress as their effort level deserves. In fact, after studying successful fundraising for two decades, I’ve found that hard work on its own is rarely enough.

To consistently raise more money you also need effective techniques and a supportive environment that helps you really go for it.

That’s why I created the Bright Spot Members Club to give both the strategies and the support to help you raise more money.

How you can join the Bright Spot Member’s Club

  • Membership is open for new joiners now
  • By joining now, you’ll benefit from 15% discount offer
  • Membership costs just £35.70 a month, inc VAT (full price is £42 inc VAT)
  • Offer Deadline: 21st February – the offer is open for just 3 weeks

You can find out more details and sign up to the Member’s Club here.

How will the Bright Spot Club help you raise more money?

Here is a snapshot of what you get access to:

  1. More than 25 training bundles, on a wide range of topics, from powerful Major Donor Strategies to Winning Hearts and Minds, with new content added every month.
  2. Interactive webinars / live coaching sessions with Rob every month to help you think clearly and solve your fundraising challenges
  3. Positive, supportive community – Because we know fundraising is hard when you or your team feel isolated.
  4. Bright Spot LIVE and WOW Your Donors – Free access to our inspiring full day training events.

And much more…

Join the Bright Spot Member’s Club Taster Week

To give you an idea of the kind of support and training you’ll get through the Member’s Club, we’re running a taster week from 10th February, with three online events for you to try.

Here’s what’s happening with links to where you can sign up:

Group coaching – Corporate Partnerships Problem Solving, with Rob Woods

Tuesday 11th February 1pm UK time.

We host live coaching sessions on a range of topics for members and this time we’re looking at corporate fundraising. So if you want help or ideas to increase corporate income, why not join us for this live coaching webinar?

Register now


More Major Gifts, Q&A with Tom Hall, Head of Philanthropy Services UK, UBS Bank

Wednesday 12th February, 1pm UK time.

Tom leads UBS Bank’s UK Philanthropy services to help clients identify and achieve their philanthropic and impact investing strategies. In the last six years he’s met literally hundreds of wealthy philanthropists, which means he’s developed a shrewd understanding of how they make decisions about their giving. He finds very few charities act in line with how they operate. If you work in major donor or trust fundraising, Tom’s insights are incredibly helpful.

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Story Power: Five techniques to increase fundraising

Thursday 13th February, 2pm

One of the biggest challenges in fundraising is talking to potential donors. It’s all too easy to have a chat that feels pleasant but doesn’t turn into action. In this practical webinar in partnership with Blackbaud Europe, we’ll share strategies to help you raise more through effective storytelling.

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If you can’t make the events, make sure you register anyway so we can send you the recordings afterwards.

Want to get started? How to sign up to Members Club

If you’d like to find out more or sign up for Bright Spot Members Club straight away, sign up here and claim your 15% discount today.

Interested in Team Membership?

Of the 300 current members, lots of charities have taken advantage of team memberships. If you’re interested in the benefits of joining in this way, there are healthy discounts available. To find out more / request a call to talk this through, send us an email.