Individual Giving

  • How Better Understanding Your Audience Helps You Recruit New Supporters

    In Episode 52 of the Fundraising Bright Spots Podcast, Jenny Crabtree of Navigate Fundraising shared her recipe for successful individual giving. Today we want to look at one of those ingredients – knowing your audience. This is crucial. If you don’t understand what your audiences cares about, then you can’t give them a clear, emoti MORE

  • Episode 63: Adding value to your supporters’ experience, doubling our income – with Hannah Carter

    Bright Spot · 63_Hannah Carter Episode Notes During the pandemic, the leaders of the small music charity, Ensemble Reza have been determined that their organisation should continue to make a difference for their community. In fact, by continually trying new tactics to solve their many challenges this year, the charity has grown its audie MORE

  • Episode 60: More tactics that helped our hospice FR – Individual Giving and Major Gifts, with Paul Courtney

    Bright Spot · 60_Paul Courtney Episode Notes Clearly fundraising has been immensely challenging for many hospices and small charities this year. It’s also true that the public still care about deeply about their favourite causes, so high value and individual giving fundraising have become especially important. So I was excited to have MORE

  • Episode 52: Individual Giving – setting up a successful programme, with Jenny Crabtree

    Bright Spot · 52_Jenny Crabtree Episode Notes Do want to increase regular or one-off donations? Perhaps the effects of COVID on other income streams mean you need to improve how your charity approaches Individual Giving. If so, or if you’d just like ideas to help solve your current challenges, then we hope you’ll find this... MORE

  • Four Individual Giving Pitfalls this year, (and how to solve them).

    As some sources of income for charities have been badly hit by the effects of COVID19, individual giving income is now more important than ever. But with so much on your plate, what activities are most likely to make a difference to keeping your income from individuals strong (and increasing the chances that it will... MORE

  • How do you improve response rates in Individual Giving?

    I’m excited to share another guest blog this week from Craig Linton (aka The Fundraising Detective). Craig is the author of Donors for Life as well as numerous blogs, and is the Co-trainer on Bright Spot’s Individual Giving Mastery Programme. Why do expert performers like pilots and doctors sometimes make mistakes? And what can anyone MORE

  • INSPIRE. Part 2 – What to say to supporters – even now. Three more tactics

    The most successful major donor, corporate and trust fundraisers I’ve been interviewing over the last three months have been putting disproportionate effort into having more real (virtual or phone) conversations with their supporters. But what should you do and say during these calls to make the most likely to succeed? As always, the fi MORE

  • Part 1: Inspire – what to say to supporters, even now

    A key focus that fundraisers in our online training community, the Bright Spot Club, have been getting fabulous results through, is proactively seeking out more conversations with existing supporters. But what should you say during these calls? As always, the first thing to do, when in either a virtual or face to face conversation, is... MORE

  • How recognising donors’ “stretch” led to an increase of 174%

    I wanted to share an interesting tactic to help fundraisers planning stewardship activity during the pandemic – inspired by a pattern I’ve noticed in  conversations with various fundraisers who I train and coach. It came about through one of our regular group coaching calls with people in the Bright Spot Members Club and one fund MORE

  • 6 strategies to grow your digital fundraising income

    Finding a way to make digital fundraising work is more important than ever during this pandemic. Whether we like it or not, with the lockdown and social distancing, we are all using more digital tools to communicate, learn and solve daily problems.  Growing the digital fundraising income for your charity can be an uphill struggle.... MORE