• Episode 88: Leadership, high value growth and WOW tactics, with Clio Gressani

    January 31st, 2022

    Bright Spot · 88_Clio Gressani     Episode Notes What you decide to focus your energy on every day makes a BIG difference to your results… The fabulous growth in high value income achieved by Shelterbox over the last 18 months has been achieved in large part by a deliberate focus on two result areas: creating... MORE

  • Episode 79: Leading from the back, with Rob Woods

    November 18th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 79_Captain Class Part 2 Episode Notes In his fascinating book The Captain Class, Sam Walker found that not one of the 16 most successful captains in the history of sport, was the teams’ star player, scoring the goals. In fact, all of them shared a less showy style of captaincy. They led... MORE

  • Episode 78: Leadership behaviours that lift fundraising performance, with Rob Woods

    November 10th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 78_Captain Class Episode Notes What behaviours and traits from the leader, help your team raise their game and perform at their very best? To answer this question, leadership expert Sam Walker sought out 16 leaders whose results were outstanding in the highly competitive field of professional sport and studied the traits th MORE

  • Episode 68: Grace under fire, with Caroline Goyder

    July 8th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 68_Caroline Goyder Episode Notes As in all complex organisations, relationships within charities are sometimes difficult. And negotiating with supporters can be far from easy. Clearly these challenges can affect our stress levels and our ability to work positively with others to raise funds and further your charities’ goa MORE

  • Episode 62: Creating a growth mindset in fundraising, with Davinia Batley

    May 7th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 62_Davinia Episode Note In a crisis, its more tempting than ever to keep rushing to just get things done. Sometimes, taking the time to make decisions about how you’re going to operate is immensely powerful. In this episode, I talk to the brilliant Davinia Batley, about the decisions she made in March... MORE

  • Culture first – how one small charity made its fundraising so DYNAMIC during COVID

    February 11th, 2021

    We’re under pressure to get results, so as fundraisers it’s tempting to focus our energies on the results we want, and the activities needed to get there, but these efforts often fail unless we first get clear on something more important. I wanted to share an example of how making decisions about how you are... MORE

  • Christmas team party in 2020?! Some ideas to help you plan

    November 12th, 2020

    Festive celebrations can lift spirits after all of the hard work you’ve done at the end of a year. But this year the pandemic is inevitably forcing us to re-think what we might do instead of a team lunch or party. Recently, at one of our regular Group Coaching session for the Bright Spot Members... MORE

  • Playing to your strengths – 3 steps to help shape your charity fundraising strategy

    November 3rd, 2020

    Most fundraisers are under pressure to succeed, but in many small charities this pressure can be intense. With limited time, budget and brand recognition, it can feel like the odds are against you even in a ‘normal’ year, let along 2020 / 2021. Recently I spoke to Mark Williams, an experienced fundraiser and leader, who... MORE

  • Four ways you benefit from being a learner

    July 30th, 2020

    It can be hard to make time for learning and activities that keep you inspired, but here are four ways I’ve found it pays you back generously for what you invest. In twenty years of studying the habits and beliefs of very successful fundraisers, I can tell you that they do not all share the... MORE

  • 3 tips for fundraisers to help you look after yourself and others during the Coronavirus crisis

    May 15th, 2020

    I wanted to publish this video and article to help you look after yourself and keep at your best during the pandemic, in spite of all the challenges you’re wrestling with right now.  I’ve got three key ideas that might just help you look after yourself and others.  The first one came out of an... MORE