The Golden Rule of Fundraising – The single identifiable beneficiary

April 26th 2019

We’re delighted to share a guest blog this week from Craig Linton (aka The Fundraising Detective). Craig is Managing Director for Europe at DonorVoice, the author of Donors for Life as well as numerous blogs and is Co-trainer on Bright Spot’s Individual Giving Mastery Programme.   The power of having a clear, identifiable beneficiary for... Read more

What can fundraisers learn from the 16 most successful captains in history?

November 21st 2018

If you were asked to form a picture in your mind of an outstanding leader, I wonder what qualities you would see? In the excellent new book The Captain Class, Sam Walker describes seven qualities which many people under-value in relation to leadership. Walker was curious about the factor that made the biggest difference to... Read more

Ignition – how to get more of this crucial ingredient for progress

October 9th 2018

One of my favourite books is the magnificent The Talent Code, in which Daniel Coyle demonstrates how the best of the best in a variety of fields develop such impressive skill. He describes his visits to a range of ‘talent hotbeds’, from a tennis academy near Moscow to a music school in Texas. Coyle explores... Read more

What is it like to take part in a Bright Spot Mastery Programme?

February 26th 2018

Caroline Crowther talks about her progress and 3 things she did to achieve the largest gift of her career. I was recently looking through some notes I had made in an old work notebook from 2011, and it brought home how differently I operated then. Then, the only way I helped fundraisers was to run... Read more

Breaking the script – three ways to inspire your supporters

February 15th 2018

In 18 years in fundraising I have found that two of the biggest challenges for any fundraiser in conversation with a potential supporter are a) holding their attention – there are so many distractions, both in people’s heads and in our forever-bleeping, interrupting environment; and b) saying something that impresses them, that causes them to... Read more

Income growth of £1 million – Andy’s strategic shift

June 5th 2017

For almost three years I’ve had the good fortune to provide a monthly one-hour coaching session to Andy, the head of events fundraising at a medium-sized UK charity. One thing I really admire about him is that however busy, he is always determined to find a way to improve the way he and his team... Read more

Finding the treasure – three beliefs of very persuasive fundraisers

May 23rd 2017

If your job includes talking to donors / supporters, there is a major problem which is likely to harm your ability to positively influence them. Assuming that you have a clear desire to first understand and appreciate the donor’s point of view, before you go into very much detail about your charity’s work, the second... Read more

The Power of Priming – What to do if your hard work is still not getting results

May 16th 2017

Many fundraisers I know are working hard but still not getting the results they want. Effort is clearly important, but there is another less obvious tactic you can also apply to increase your chances of success. One powerful strategy is to deliberately engage your sub-conscious mind in achieving your results, through a technique called ‘priming’.... Read more

The £100,000 gift for a small charity – three tips you can use

May 8th 2017

For more than 16 years I’ve enjoyed interviewing very successful fundraisers to see what any of us can learn from how they get their results. I recently enjoyed the chance to catch up with the irrepressible Stu Thomson, who is Youth Service Director of Knight’s Youth Centre (KYC) in South London. I have worked with... Read more

Resilient language – the second key to increased fundraising grit

April 24th 2017

‘No, I’m telling you I’ve looked everywhere…the whole train is packed. I’m telling you, soon as winter comes, everything turns to shit…’ I could not help but overhear the woman’s forlorn conversation into her mobile as I got off my train in Stafford last October. It’s true that the train was busy and quite a... Read more