Episode 22: Andy Sallnow – Virtual Challenge Events

Episode Notes

In this episode I share a practical, encouraging interview with Andy Sallnow of Prostate Cancer UK. Andy has been the head of sporting events at the charity for more than 8 years, and during that time, he and his team have grown annual income from events from £700,000 to £4.5million, so Andy has thought deeply over the last decade about how to grow events income.

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If you’d like to read my full report on Andy’s strategies for achieving income during the pandemic and then, crucially, growing it in the future, you can download it here:

Challenge Event Fundraising Strategies – Survive in the short-term and grow massively in the long-term.

Andy and his team have been doing certain things very deliberately to adapt and make shrewd decisions as the current pandemic has unfolded, and whether you’re also working in a large events team, or if events is just one of the many fundraising issues you’re having to juggle right now, I hope you’ll find it helpful to hear Andy’s advice in this episode or by downloading the mini e-book.

Achieving some sports event income even during the pandemic.

Clearly with people not able to meet in groups (or potentially even leave their homes) events have had to be cancelled.

But how can you help your supporters (when they need your charities’ event more than ever) and help save your charities income in the short and long term? Here are some of the things Andy and his team encourage supporters to do, to maximise chances of event and fundraising success:

  • Do the activity on or close to the original event date.
  • Just as with any event, encourage people to share across their networks, in advance what they will be doing, as well as during and after the event. This helps them feel the high of their achievement as they share the story and receive congratulations.
  • Do any distance you like, rather than needing to do the same as the planned event.
  • Join an event group on the app Strava, so you feel you’re competing alongside others in one event and to increase the sense of achievement. (Note, other apps eg Map My Run are available).
  • Make full use of the Facebook Group for the event, which makes it easier to share and recognise successes.
  • And recognise great stories on your website
  • If possible, send medals and handwritten cards to congratulate.

Further Resources

Having worked closely with Andy for seven years, I’ve got a clear sense of how his team has achieved such extraordinary growth – growing from £700,000 to £450,000 annual events income in 8 years. If you’d like more detail on Andy’s strategies to achieve events income in spite of the pandemic, and his long-term strategy and focus that have achieved such fabulous growth you can download my mini e-book here:

Challenge Event Fundraising Strategies – Survive in the short-term and grow massively in the long-term.


‘Seek the best of both worlds. I believe some supporters will both get sponsored to do something virtually and do the real event in due course.’

Andy Sallnow

‘Most of your supporters care as much about your cause now as they ever did. And they will really benefit from the chance to do a sponsored event for you.’

Andy Sallnow