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  • Episode 59: The fundraising tactics bringing fabulous results for our hospice, with Paul Courtney

    March 30th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 59_Paul Courtney Episode Notes Fundraising has been especially hard for many hospices and small charities this year because community and events fundraising has been so disrupted during the pandemic. Corporate partnerships income has also been hard hit in many charities. So I was intrigued to hear about the remarkable resul MORE

  • Episode 58: Influencing colleagues within your charity, with Ben Swart

    March 25th, 2021

    Bright Spot · Ep 58 Rob and Ben influencing internally Episode Notes One of the biggest headaches for many fundraisers is encouraging colleagues see things from the donor or partners’ point of view, and to want to take actions that would be good for relationships with those supporters (and therefore good for fundraising growth). And... MORE

  • Episode 57: How we DOUBLED income for our small arts charity, with Hannah Carter

    March 23rd, 2021

    Bright Spot · 57_Hannah Raising funds has been hard for so many charities this year, but it’s been especially hard in the arts and for small charities. Ensemble Reza is both these things and yet they’ve found ways to not only keep serving their audience (and grow it significantly), they’ve even done remarkably well in... MORE

  • Episode 56: The amazing value of learning – why it’s essential now with Rob Woods

    March 11th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 56_Rob Woods on learning Episode Notes For the last five years, the pace of change (including in the fundraising environment) has been greater than ever. And since the pandemic began, it’s felt turbo-charged. Since change seems unlikely to slow down any time soon, it is now more important than ever that we... MORE

  • Episode 55: Growing legacy income, with Dr Claire Routley

    Bright Spot · 55_Claire Routley Episode Notes The pressure to handle more urgent fundraising challenges mean that strategies to promote legacy giving often gets put to one side. Dr Claire Routley is one of the UK’s experts on legacy fundraising. In this clip, we explore ideas to help you A) find and bring to life... MORE

  • Episode 54: Increasing Major Donor income, Part 2 – CONNECT! with Louise Morris

    February 12th, 2021

    Bright Spot · Louise Morris part 2 Episode Notes Major donor income is so important to many charities looking to make up for the continuing COVID-induced shortfall in other areas. So in this episode we are looking at a crucial element of high value fundraising, that is, ideas to help you deepen relationships with supporters.... MORE

  • Episode 53: Adapting your approach – with Paula Radley

    February 5th, 2021

    Bright Spot · 53_Paula Radley – Greenpeace Episode Notes All charities have had to pivot their fundraising strategy to some extent during the pandemic. And there are some determined, creative fundraisers who have found canny ways to defy the difficulties and get great results. I love studying these examples because they reinforce t MORE

  • Episode 52: Individual Giving – setting up a successful programme, with Jenny Crabtree

    Bright Spot · 52_Jenny Crabtree Episode Notes Do want to increase regular or one-off donations? Perhaps the effects of COVID on other income streams mean you need to improve how your charity approaches Individual Giving. If so, or if you’d just like ideas to help solve your current challenges, then we hope you’ll find this... MORE

  • Episode 51: Inspiring high value gifts through online events, with Julide Troedson

    Bright Spot · 51_Julide Troedson Episode Notes As other income streams have been hit, high value fundraising has become more important than ever for many charities. But amidst all the challenges of the pandemic, how do you deepen relationships and inspire people to donate? One charity that has tried a range of tactics in high... MORE

  • Episode 50: 50. More ways to create an AMAZING experience for your supporters – Richard Turner

    Bright Spot · 50_Richard Turner (Part 2) Episode Notes If you’d like tangible examples and wise principles to help deliver successful fundraising during the pandemic, I hope you’re going to find this episode really helpful. It’s the second part of an interview with a brilliant fundraiser named Richard Turner, who shares highlights MORE

  • Episode 49: FIVE listens to help you handle 2021 – with Rob Woods and Ben Swart

    Bright Spot · 49_Ben and Rob Best 10 part 2 Episode Notes I’ve now been making this podcast for just over year, and now that there are nearly 50 episodes, I wanted to reflect on five episodes that I think are especially relevant to the challenges fundraisers are facing as we start another difficult year.... MORE

  • Episode 48: Story-telling and Growing your Resilience – with Max Newton

    Bright Spot · 48_Max_Running home for Christmas Episode Notes If you’d like ideas to help you be resilient; or ideas to improve the way you inspire your supporters through stories…then this episode is for you. This time I talk again to Max Newton, Head of community fundraising at Shelter. Earlier this year, Max completed the... MORE

  • Episode 47: Favourite listens of 2020 – with Rob Woods and Ben Swart

    Bright Spot · 47_Rob and Ben’s top 5 Episodes Episode Notes I’ve now been making this podcast for just over year. Not least because 2020 has created so many new fundraising challenges for charities, I’m so grateful to have got the show started well before the pandemic hit, so that I could keep creating content... MORE

  • Episode 46: Harnessing the power of incremental gains with Lucy Read

    Bright Spot · 46_Lucy Reed Episode Notes It’s human nature to get tempted to focus too much attention on the big shiny prize, such as the game-changing major gift. But after interviewing very successful fundraisers for nearly two decades, I’ve found these wonderful results rarely come from one extraordinary move or piece of good MORE

  • Episode 45: Richard Turner – How to create fabulous experiences for your supporters

    Bright Spot · 45_Richard Turner Episode Notes If you’re looking for sound principles and real examples to help you deliver successful fundraising during the pandemic, I think you’re going to find this episode really helpful. Because this time I’m sharing the first part of an interview with a hugely experienced fundraiser named Rich MORE