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  • Episode 5 Adam Heuman: How do you get your board to invest in fundraising?

    Episode Notes Most fundraisers agree that you won’t achieve serious growth without first investing in fundraising. But how do you actually persuade the board to invest? In this episode of Fundraising Bright Spots, Rob Woods talks to Adam Heuman, Director of Engagement at the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. In three sep MORE

  • Episode 4: Rachel Hunnybun: We recognised their ‘stretch’…and then giving increased 174%.

    Episode Notes One major challenge for a fundraiser is how you help your colleagues and trustees to see things from the supporters’ point of view. In Episode 4 of the Fundraising Bright Spots podcast, Rob Woods interviews the individual giving expert Rachel Hunnybun about a particular personalised thank you project, and the difference it MORE

  • Episode 3 Jo Bega: Ace your media appeal

    Episode Notes Taking full advantage of an opportunity makes a huge difference to your fundraising momentum. In this episode of Fundraising Bright Spots, Rob Woods talks to Jo Bega, Chief Executive of Child Rescue Nepal. The charity’s Radio 4 Appeal was one of the most successful of the year and in this interview Jo explains... MORE

  • Episode 2 Andy King: How we inspired 60% of event participants to support long-term

    Episode Notes Many charities spend huge effort recruiting people to do fundraising events, but fail to inspire them to become long-term supporters. In episode 2 of Fundraising Bright Spots, Rob Woods asks Andy King to explain how he went about solving this missed opportunity when he worked at East African Playgrounds. The strategy was so. MORE

  • Episode 1. How ‘modelling’ helps you raise more money

    Episode notes As a fundraiser for a charity or non-profit, what can you do to improve your skills and results, even if you don’t have a budget for training? In this first episode of Fundraising Bright Spots, Rob Woods explains a powerful tactic he has been using to help charity fundraisers grow their results over... MORE