Breakfast Clubs for Directors & Heads of Fundraising

Join us for our next Breakfast Club!

Date: 11 November 2020

Time: 08.50am to 10.50am

Location: On Zoom.

Contents: In this free, virtual session you will hear strategies for Maximising your Impact with Limited Resources, from the excellent Desiree D’Souza of Seeability; hear ideas on effective Leadership and Culture from the always-inspiring Katie Simmons, Director of Fundraising Strategy at the British Red Cross, and I will share practical techniques to help you benefit from the Power of a Learning Culture this challenging autumn and winter.

Cost: Free

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Sound familiar?

As a fundraising leader, you’ve got targets to reach, people to manage, donors to keep happy and cross-team projects to contribute to.

Change in the sector is happening faster than ever, and you want to be up to date with the most effective strategies other charities are using.

And you sometimes feel isolated, without much support at your level in your charity.

You’re fed up with handling everything on your own.

Build the network to help you succeed

You’re not alone

There’s a network of people in the same boat as you – they have similar challenges and stresses and they’re navigating the same tough landscape. A network of your peers where you can get support and learn proven strategies for increasing fundraising income.

Enjoy Breakfast Club from home (for free)

Having run more than 20 breakfast clubs face to face over the last five years, we’re excited to now host this popular event on-line.

Bring your tea or coffee and enjoy access to expert speakers, practical tools and examples, and conversations with other leaders, all without leaving home.


Would you like to get access to…

  • leadership strategies from some of the sector’s most successful fundraising directors, from charities of every size?
  • methods to help you build an energised, resilient culture in your team?
  • information on how to help your team have dramatically more conversations with the supporters/partners who can make the biggest difference?
  • strategies for winning more pitches?
  • techniques for influencing upwards and across, as well as down?
  • ways to inspire (and help your team inspire) more donors/supporters to give?

Inspirational Speakers

The Breakfast Clubs are hosted by Bright Spot Fundraising founder, Rob Woods, award-winning trainer and the author of several fundraising books including The Fundraiser Who Wanted More. He has more than 18 years of experience in fundraising, working with more than 12,000 fundraisers and directors to help them raise more money for their charities. His clients include Oxford University, Save the Children, Tate and UNICEF UK, as well as many hundreds of small charities and sole fundraisers.

At each Breakfast Club, Rob will be joined by at least one speaker who will share their knowledge, insight and experience solving the real problems you face, ensuring that you leave the event with practical solutions.


The next Breakfast Club for Heads and Directors of Fundraising will take place via Zoom on 11th November 2020, 8.50am – 10.50am and will include the following:

Leadership and Fundraising: Maximising impact with limited resources, with Desiree D’Souza, Executive Director of Inclusion and Social Impact, Seeability

The challenges of 2020 / 21 are especially tough when you work for a small charity. Desiree will share her and her team’s approach to achieving goals at a time when resources are under pressure and we’re all working in different ways. This includes the principles she has found to be important, and tactics that have worked so far. This encouraging session includes:

  • A technique for tracking bids which improves fundraising results
  • Consortium working to increase your chances – what we’ve learned so far
  • Being proactive about inclusion. Why this is essential.

Leadership and Culture in 2020 with Katie Simmons, Director of Fundraising Strategy, British Red Cross

The world has changed dramatically in the last 6 months and clearly charities have had to adapt their strategies in order to make the biggest difference to those they help. To do this effectively, though, leaders need to pay careful attention to the cultures that are encouraged internally, so that colleagues feel fully supported and able to contribute.

Katie will talk about how she and her colleagues strive to build a positive, supportive culture, including:

  • THREE principles that are particularly important now
  • How the British Red Cross fundraising team has adapted over the last 6 months
  • Why keeping track of progress in concepts like wellbeing are important, and how to approach this

The Power of a Learning Culture, Especially Now, With Rob Woods, Bright Spot

 Like it or not, the one thing most people agree on is that ever more change is coming. And for most of us, our own morale and team’s cohesion will continue to be tested this autumn and winter.

We’ve found one value / habit that really helps in tough times is LEARNING. Encouraging a learning mindset and making it easy, really pays off. In this practical session, Rob shares tactics you can use to help your team learn, without needing training budget, including:

  • BOOSTING TEAM MORALE – The tactic one fundraiser used to help her department stay positive together, solve problems (and raise more money) during lockdown.
  • HOW TO MAKE IT EASY – Another tactic some canny fundraisers have used for ongoing learning (that led to the largest trust gift one charity has ever achieved).
  • ADAPT (OR RISK DISAPPEARING) – Practical ideas to help your colleagues keep learning, adapting and solving problems this winter.


Breakfast Clubs for Directors & Heads of Fundraising