Breakfast Clubs for Directors, Heads and Senior Fundraisers

Join us for our December Breakfast Club!

Date: 2nd December 2021

Time: 08.50am to 10.55am

Location: On Zoom.

Contents:  In this free, virtual session you will hear strategies to Love Your Donors, Especially Now with Jen Shang; Ideas for Fundraising Leaders in the Winter of 2021, with Ranjeet Khare, Laura Perkins and Esther Wakeman, and if you feel your charity is an Underdog, I will share three powerful ideas to help you Beat the Fundraising Odds.

Cost: Free

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Sound familiar?

As a fundraising leader, you’ve got targets to reach, people to manage, donors to keep happy and cross-team projects to contribute to.

Change in the sector is happening faster than ever, and you want to be up to date with the most effective strategies other charities are using.

And you sometimes feel isolated, without much support at your level in your charity.

You’re fed up with handling everything on your own.

Build the network to help you succeed

You’re not alone

There’s a network of people in the same boat as you – they have similar challenges and stresses and they’re navigating the same tough landscape. A network of your peers where you can get support and learn proven strategies for increasing fundraising income.

Enjoy Breakfast Club from home (for free)

Having run more than 20 breakfast clubs face to face over the last five years, we’re excited to now host this popular event on-line.

Bring your tea or coffee and enjoy access to expert speakers, practical tools and examples, and conversations with other leaders, all without leaving home.


Would you like to get access to…

  • leadership strategies from some of the sector’s most successful fundraising directors, from charities of every size?
  • methods to help you build an energised, resilient culture in your team?
  • information on how to help your team have dramatically more conversations with the supporters/partners who can make the biggest difference?
  • strategies for winning more pitches?
  • techniques for influencing upwards and across, as well as down?
  • ways to inspire (and help your team inspire) more donors/supporters to give?

Inspirational Speakers

The Breakfast Clubs are hosted by Bright Spot Fundraising founder, Rob Woods, award-winning trainer and the author of several fundraising books including The Fundraiser Who Wanted More. He has more than 21 years experience in fundraising, working with more than 17,000 fundraisers and directors to help them raise more money for their charities. His clients include Oxford University, Save the Children, Tate and UNICEF UK, as well as many hundreds of small charities and sole fundraisers.

At each Breakfast Club, Rob will be joined by several speakers who will share their knowledge, insight and experience solving the real problems you face, ensuring that you leave the event with practical solutions.


How to love your donors in a philanthropic-psychology way, at this stage in the pandemic.

With Jen Shang, Co-director at Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

In her role as a professor of philanthropic psychology, Jen has been conducting studies into how people have been responding as the COVID crisis has unfolded. In this session she will share the latest results from this research, and the practical implications for how you raise funds this winter and beyond. This includes:

  • How to uncover your donors’ most important identities using the data they’ve given you
  • How to help your donors restore their sense of wellbeing through your communications
  • The potential impact on their wellbeing and their giving in the months to come 

Feel like an underdog?

How to win when the fundraising odds are against you

With Rob Woods, Bright Spot

This year, we’re all still battling tough odds. Whether your charity has fewer resources / is less well known / a less cuddly cause, OR / AND your enemies are relentless change, isolation and other effects of COVID, every fundraiser I know is up against formidable Goliaths.

In this encouraging session, Rob shares real examples and tactics you can use to harness your inner David and grow fundraising results when the odds are against your charity. It includes:

  • THREE ways to find and exploit an advantage when you are an underdog.
  • How one small arts charity DOUBLED fundraising income using this approach.
  • The tactic one fundraiser used recently to create WOW factor and multiply results MORE THAN 10 TIMES.

Ideas for fundraising leaders in the winter 2021 and spring of 2022

We’re very excited to invite three experienced fundraising leaders to offer ideas to help charities respond to the fundraising challenges and opportunities amid all this relentless change. Bring your questions and we’ll do our best to help. With:

  • RANJEET KHARE, Senior Corporate Fundraiser, RNIB
  • LAURA PERKINS, Director of Development and Communications at the London Community Foundation
  • ESTHER WAKEMAN, Chief Executive Officer, Leeds Hospital Charity


Breakfast Clubs for Directors, Heads and Senior Fundraisers