In-House Training Days for your Team

Bring your team together for success

When one person gets better at something, your charity makes progress. When a whole team learns together – that effect is multiplied.

Bright Spot offers a range of in-house training days to help your team improve their skills, confidence and momentum.

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In-House Training Days

Influencing donors and supporters

Becoming more prepared and skilful in how you conduct informal meetings with supporters, donor and partners makes a huge difference to your fundraising results.

This one-day influencing masterclass will help your team hear “Yes!” more often when they meet supporters. This not only improves the immediate results, it also lifts people’s confidence to seek out more donor meetings.

BUILDING RAPPORT – What to say, and most importantly, in what order.

STORY POWER – Three little-known techniques that make it easier to inspire.

YOUR CASE – Practice with our Magic Formula system to find and use the messages that really work.

PSYCHOLOGY OF INFLUENCE – How to apply Professor Robert Cialdini’s influencing research in your fundraising.

THE FUNDRAISER’S MEETING CHECKLIST – Practice with this tool to drive up your influencing results.

Writing to Influence

When you write to prospective donors, supporters and partners, your documents need to make an impact. This one-day workshop will help you write more persuasively – and in much less time!

INSIGHT – Understanding what will help your potential donor say “Yes!”

TONE OF VOICE – Make your writing more readable, irrespective of topic.

CLARITY – The one crucial process that enables you to write effective documents much more quickly.

FIRST IMPRESSION – Tried and tested techniques to make your reader want to read on.

STRUCTURE – How to use contrast to help your reader feel as well as think.

THE GOLDEN THREAD PRINCIPLE – How to keep your document concise but persuasive.

PSYCHOLOGY – How to apply Professor Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Influence to written proposals.

Win that Pitch

Based on research into the strategies used by some of the highest-achieving corporate new business fundraisers in the UK, this one-day masterclass shows you practical techniques to help you win more pitches.

CONNECTION – The mistake that 95% of charity pitchers make; and how to avoid it

CONTRAST – How to use structure and contrast to increase your influencing power.

PSYCHOLOGY OF INFLUENCE – The pitching technique that is so powerful, one retail company ripped up their own rulebook, cancelling the planned staff vote, and awarded the partnership worth £250,000 that same day.

PERSUASION – More than 15 tips and techniques that help an audience like your idea.

WOW FACTOR – How to surprise and delight without losing rapport.

Transform your Results

Discover what the most successful relationship fundraisers in corporate, major gifts, trusts and community do differently. This one-day masterclass will help you apply the psychology, time choices and skills development that drive individual success in fundraising.

CLEAR STRATEGIES – The three areas where the highest achieving fundraisers place their focus.

CONFIDENCE – The key to confidence in fundraising, and the technique that will strengthen yours.

FOCUS – Tried and tested techniques to help you make more time for the most lucrative actions every day.

MORE TIME WITH DONORS – Telephone skills, including the number one thing that will cause more powerful or wealthy donors/partners to agree to meet you.

SOLVE KEY PROBLEMS – The simple system for figuring out your next best move for any donor relationship that feels stuck.

Presenting to Influence

In some roles (especially leadership, corporate and community), your skill in presenting persuasively makes a big difference to your fundraising results.

Depending how much time you’d like to spend practising with your own presentations, this works as a one-day masterclass or a two-day workshop.

IMPACT – Why the first 30 seconds are vital – and a simple system to make sure you take advantage.

RAPPORT – The reason 95% of presentations fail to generate results and the technique to design presentations with generating results in mind.

STRUCTURE – The contrast principle and how to use it to shape the structure of your presentation.

BODY LANGUAGE – How to increase your influencing power through small shifts in your voice and body language.

CONFIDENCE – How to feel more confident and communicate more gravitas when you present.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Team Performance

Improve team performance through increased awareness of self and others. This one-day workshop will help you to understand and adapt communication styles using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

MBTI PREFERENCE – Complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and gain greater self-awareness through your personality type.

RESULTS WITH DONORS – Understand your supporters better so you can more skilfully adapt.

BETTER COMMUNICATION – Improve understanding and co-operation within and across teams.

SELF-AWARENESS – Realise how your preferences can be different from others’ and improve the tolerance and flexibility within your team.

Networking Skills

The skill of talking to and building mutually beneficial relationships with people who are new to you is incredibly valuable. This one-day masterclass will help you feel more bold and confident when meeting people.

CLARITY – What good networking really looks like (and the three behaviours to avoid).

CONFIDENCE – Learn techniques for managing nerves and boosting confidence.

TECHNIQUE – Understand how to approach groups – and how to move on without getting stuck.

PLAN – Develop a simple networking strategy that instantly improves your results.

CONVERSATIONS – Know what to say at the start, middle and end of conversations that will help improve fundraising results in the medium and long-term.

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