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Coaching for results

High achievers in every field – business, sport, leadership, charities – know that you go further faster with the help of an experienced coach.

Of course, it’s possible to get great results on your own – but you’re far more likely to succeed consistently if you work with an expert fundraising/leadership coach who understands the pitfalls and can help you work out ways to overcome them.

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Would you like to:

  • Understand what might be holding you back
  • Get crystal clear on the results you want
  • Come up with new options to make progress
  • Build your confidence to take action and deal with challenging colleagues or donors
  • Make decisions faster and with more clarity
  • Design and take the small, achievable steps to build momentum
  • Understand how to motivate yourself and your team to take more bold action
  • Get a better balance between your work life and home life

Why is individual coaching so powerful?

We become fundraisers because we care and we want to make a difference.

But as you’re already aware, sometimes this strong sense of purpose is not enough to get you through. Working for a charity can bring so many challenges that can knock your morale and make life difficult.

When your project runs into problems, or you fall short of your targets, it’s easy to get demoralised.

Not to mention the challenges that come with leading teams, influencing senior colleagues and dealing with sometimes difficult donors.

Bright Spot coaching helps you solve those thorny challenges, bounce back from setbacks and make the most of the opportunities. As your confidence and results grow, it’s much easier to enjoy your job.

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