Sustainable Fundraising Development Programme

Do you want your trust to make a more lasting difference?

Trusts and foundations partner charities because they want to solve certain problems in the world. They believe the services or research provided by those charities will make a difference.

The simplest means of helping those partners to achieve the mission is obviously through grants to help fund the charities’ work.

Another model that is becoming increasingly popular is for the trust to partner the charities in a fuller sense, providing other support and resources, in addition to funds, to help them succeed.

If your trust or foundation supports charities in this more holistic way, then a powerful option is to help those charities succeed in the long term by making their fundraising more sustainable.

The Sustainable Fundraising Development Programme is for trusts that want to help partner charities improve their fundraising confidence, skills and results.

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The Bright Spot difference

Founded in 2007, Bright Spot Fundraising has helped more than 12,000 fundraisers, directors, chief executives and trustees to raise significantly more money.

Continuous change in society means that what worked in fundraising five years ago is unlikely to work well now. This programme teaches cutting-edge strategies and provides lots of recent examples of how charities have used them in practice. The result is participants feel inspired to take action and try new techniques for their charity.

The Bright Spot Sustainable Fundraising Development Programme supports fundraisers over ten months through four inter-connected learning experiences:

  1. Training days
  2. One-to-one coaching
  3. Online learning and support
  4. Self-learn resources

A key focus is to help make charity income more predictable and sustainable by deliberately building long-term relationships with supporters.

Introducing the Sustainable Fundraising Development Programme

A ten-month programme designed to build the expertise, confidence and fundraising momentum of professional fundraisers and their managers.


These masterclasses provide the strategies to improve on each charity’s strengths, and crucially, take advantage of areas which have been under-developed.

This diversification reduces reliance on one or two areas and makes charities better able to withstand changes (economic, social, technological, political) in the volatile fundraising environment.

These sessions focus on the key areas of fundraising likely to suit small and medium-sized charities, as well as improving vital areas such as strategic thinking and resilience:

  • Major Gifts and Trusts & Foundations (3 days – includes Influencing Donors and Writing to Influence)
  • Legacy fundraising (2 days)
  • Individual Giving (2 days)
  • Corporate fundraising (2 days)
  • Fundraising leadership skills and resilience (2 days – includes developing fundraising strategy, budgeting and how to thrive in a demanding fundraising role)

One-To-One Coaching

Bright Spot is dedicated to helping fundraisers build powerful habits and create lasting change. We’ve found that one-to-one coaching is a powerful tool for helping fundraisers implement the techniques and create momentum.

This kind of coaching is encouraging, thought-provoking, and, at times, challenging. It enables fundraisers to see their world in a new light. These new perspectives make it easier to take bold, confident action.

Each participant will have five one-hour coaching calls as part of their programme.

Online Learning and Support

All participants will get one year’s access to the online training courses, monthly webinars, community and bi-annual Bright Spot LIVE events through the Bright Spot Members Club.

Self-Learn Resources

We have found that the more different ways you can offer learners access to strategies and the belief that progress is possible, the easier it becomes for them to implement what they’ve learned.

Therefore, all participants will receive copies of our books, Donors for Life by Craig Linton and Paul Stein and The Fundraiser Who Wanted More by Rob Woods, and e-books Pitch to Win and How to be a Millionaire Magnet by Rob Woods.

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