Craig Linton

Craig has spent more than 17 years in fundraising working out how to delight donors and increase income. As a successful fundraiser and well-respected fundraising consultant, he has a passion for individual giving and creating great supporter experiences.

He is the co-author of Donors for Life: A Practitioner’s Guide to Relationship Fundraising that was published to critical acclaim in 2017 and is behind the popular Fundraising Detective blog.

He delivers Bright Spot’s Individual Giving Mastery Programme alongside Rob Woods.

Craig was a project lead in the Commission on the Donor Experience and is a fellow at Rogare, the fundraising thinktank.

His current clients include Breast Cancer Care, CARE International, Doctors of the World, Equality Now and a number of other smaller organisations.

In developing individual giving at high achieving organisations, including Amnesty International and Sue Ryder over the last 17 years, there are common mistakes and pitfalls that I’ve learned to overcome. Most fundraisers usually work incredibly hard, but certain problems crop up again and again. When these happen, consistent financial results become very hard to achieve. And yet, it’s tantalising to me that with the right strategies and support, even the biggest barriers to success in individual giving fundraising can absolutely be solved.